ये एक अव्यसायक वेबपत्र है जिसका उदेशीय केवल Modawasi को लोक प्रिय करने तथा इसकी लोक प्रियता को देश विदेश में फेलाने के लिए है ! यदि इस वेबपत्र में प्रका शीत किसी भी सामग्री से आपति हो तो इस मेल पर संपर्क करे

आपति जनक सामग्री को वेबपत्र से हटा दिया जायेगा इस वेबपत्र के किसी भी सामग्री का परयोग केवल अव्यसायक रूप से किया जा सकता है !!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Now 440chractor sms free send to any mobiles.NO LIMIT

Send Free SMS of 440 characters anywhere in India
April 15, 2009 | 54 Comments
You have been knowing of various alternatives to send free SMS to anywhere in India. But all of them are different in their features, some may have limitation of sms text characters or lackof bulk SMS facility but is a great web-service which allows you to send sms of 440 characters anywhere in India.
Alongwith this, there are many more impressive features of this service which I would like to discussand they are not available with other free sms sendingservices:
1. Support of 440 characters
2. Scheduled SMS aka FutureSMS
3. Group SMS
4. Bulk SMS
5. Phonebook with search and group support.
6. Delivery reports of both Scheduled and Currently sent SMS.
There are some turn-offs of this service – When you send SMS, Sender will be, I mean your phone number will not appear as a sender . Eventhough, you number will be included in message body but who remembers phone number in this age? Almost all services on Web are giving this facility after registering so, SMS7 team should take care of this

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