ये एक अव्यसायक वेबपत्र है जिसका उदेशीय केवल Modawasi को लोक प्रिय करने तथा इसकी लोक प्रियता को देश विदेश में फेलाने के लिए है ! यदि इस वेबपत्र में प्रका शीत किसी भी सामग्री से आपति हो तो इस मेल पर संपर्क करे

आपति जनक सामग्री को वेबपत्र से हटा दिया जायेगा इस वेबपत्र के किसी भी सामग्री का परयोग केवल अव्यसायक रूप से किया जा सकता है !!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Best Tricks

Free Web Hostings and Domain Names - Feb 2010

Saturday, oct. 03, 2011
Posted by Nisar khan Modawasi

Free Web Hostings and Domain Names

Here you can choose to Make your Own website..

If u want to make Freesite Please Choose with one u want to host your Website.

Step 1 : First Choose one Link
Step 2 : Copy that link and put that link tu Adress.
Step 3 : Then Click
Step 4 : Then find SignUp Or Register

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Free Domain Name:



Get Your Free Domain Name For Your Blog / Website

 Well, I know many of the new bloggers still stick to or sub-domains given by blogger hosting companies. You have to keep in mind though, getting your own domain name adds value to your blog. Specially when you are allowing advertising on your blog, advertisers think that you are serious enough to have your own domain name and hosting your blog on it. Not necessary that you always would have that extra bucks to spend on domain names, or even if you have - you might not want to spend on each and every blog. Even many established bloggers do have their own low profile blogs that they would probably never bring on domain name but keep them on blogspot only.

In This Tutorial, I will Explain How You can get a FREE Domain and how you Switch your blog from to

Click Below for full tutorial...

Call your Friend using his own number...

Posted Image
Hello Friends after "Make Free Phone Calls From PC to mobile for free" hack today I am sahring With you a extremely Nice Prank or you can simply say Hack i.e "How To Call Your Friends From THeir Own Cell Number".
I was asked by many Friends to Write Tutorials about mobile hacks and Pranks . So I am Sharing My Second Mobile Extreme Prank With You all. Enjoy and Have Fun And GO on Reading...

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Windows 7 Genuine Licence Keys

 Windows 7 Genuine Keys

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Ultimate
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate     

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Genuine Microsoft Windows All Products Key


Genuine Microsoft Windows All Products Key 

Microsoft Windows XP PRO
Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro SP2
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Advanced Server Final:
Microsoft Office 2000 Professional
Microsoft Windows Millennium ME:
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation:
Microsoft Windows NT Server:
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition:
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Office 2007
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Basic N
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Vista Enterprise
Windows Server 2003 VLK

Earn Money Online 1

Earn Money Online 1
Friends..I  have Decided To Share My Earning Ways with All my Friends... i will now Post a Series of Earning Ways by which you can really Earn Money Online.. $$$

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Here Are The Three Ways To Earn -

1. Neobux - $40


2. Linkworth - $30

 I received my payment from LinkWorth few days ago which is USD$29.45. It is truly a great experience. Its the Best Way To Earn Money if You Are the owner of an Blog or a Website..

Payment Proof - $29.45

3. Rupee Mail - Rs 941

RupeeMail is another Earn Money Online Source where in you can earn money for reading email messages. I like the tagged line which says ” IT PAYS”. Sure we are intrested in only those programs which pays. Nobody would mind reading emails if they get paid to read any stupid emails they get comparing to the amount of Mails(Spams) you open unknowingly and read.

The concept is pretty simple.

    * You Sign up at RupeeMail using your email address
    * Advertisers sents you email and offers you some money to view the content.
    * You View the link/content of the email you pocket in some rupees

Payment Proof -

I will Upload my More Rupeemail proof soon...


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Don't worry Friends.. All Site here posted are Tested By me and I am earning From them..

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