ये एक अव्यसायक वेबपत्र है जिसका उदेशीय केवल Modawasi को लोक प्रिय करने तथा इसकी लोक प्रियता को देश विदेश में फेलाने के लिए है ! यदि इस वेबपत्र में प्रका शीत किसी भी सामग्री से आपति हो तो इस मेल पर संपर्क करे

आपति जनक सामग्री को वेबपत्र से हटा दिया जायेगा इस वेबपत्र के किसी भी सामग्री का परयोग केवल अव्यसायक रूप से किया जा सकता है !!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rajasthan all Network Msg servis center No.

My Location: Bikaner(Rajasthan) My DTH Service: Satellite Setup: Posts: 2,800 Thanks Given: 901 Thanks Received: 1,444 in 770 posts Joined: Nov 2010 Reputation: 340 All operator Sms Center Number The SMS Message Center Number is a phone number that acts as a gateway for transferring SMS messages between cellular devices. No phone call is made to send or receive SMS messages but this number is required for routing SMS messages through the network.Many time When change Sim to other set or something change in sms center number, user can't send sms And show " check network services" We start This Thread For help All mobile user That Solve Sms problem if unble to send sms. It is first step of Solving this issue After this Check Sms Send as text,Fax,Email, select here text And tryto send sms. Also the many time Openly 2nd Sms center in market , by this Center We can send Sms without Any cost. So please Post your Sms center number By region All operator Sms Center number For Rajasthan Airtel : +919829003333 Tata Docomo : +919032055002 Bsnl : +919417099997 Vodafone:+919839099999 IDEA=+919887040099

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nokia help.why not connect pc to net throw my nokia mobile?

Welcom. If your computer not connet to Internet throw your Nokia Mobile,,pls get your Lockal net setting by sms.and save it defult settining.then mobile off and on. And if u use Mobile(like as Nokia C6-00) who have desctop net content(applications) pls remove these app. From yr mobile men screen. Connect mobile to pc by pc suit or ovi suit.and select opretor and connect to net.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Free All Network Tricks(100% work)

                                                        Nisar khan Modawasi Best Free Tricks


 Airte New Pc Trick added @Airtel tricks (17-06-11)
Reliance New om6.0 4 Browse+download Trick added @reliance tricks (15-06-11)
Rim New Browse+download Trick added @reliance tricks (14-06-11)
Airtel New big file download proxy Trick added by SaMRaaT @users tricks world (11-06-11)
Airtel New SSL proxy Trick added by sumsum@users tricks world (10-06-11)
Airtel nd Rim New smsze soft. default mo nd rcomwap added @airtel and Reliance zone (08-06-11)
Reliance New Handler Trick added @Reliance zone (07-06-11)
Airtel nd Rim New May 2011 default mo nd rcomwap added @airtel and Reliance zone (30-05-11)
Airtel nd Rim New May 2011 default mo nd rcomwap added @airtel and Reliance zone (26-05-11)